Nimble Navigator is the computer charting and navigation software that sailors have been waiting for. Marine charts and computer navigation software have been around a long time. But, until now, the navigation software has been hard to use, install, and afford. Until now, computer charting and navigation software has always been made for super tankers by programmers who have never in their lives used a chart to navigate at sea.

The NEW Nimble Navstick

The Nimble Navstick is the ultimate in 'Plug and Play' navigation. With the 20 channel GPS built into the Navstick, and Nimble Navigator Software with charts both already installed on the Navstick, just plug the Navstick into a USB port on your computer and you are ready to go. Because the Navstick system is complete and self-contained, the software and charts remain on your Navstick. Not on your computer. You can just move the Navstick from one computer to another. The software on the Navstick is the same Nimble Navigator Software many people have used to sail around the world. Easy, fast, and complete.

The Nimble Navigator Software Download

Nimble Navigator is marine navigation software complete with GPS and AIS interfaces that allows you to navigate your boat using your computer as a chart plotter. Nimble uses the CM93 chart database that many sailors already have. Features include Charting, Routing, Logging, Tides, AIS collision detection, GRIB weather overlays, and more. It can be downloaded from this website and installed on your computer in minutes.

Nimble Navigator has been designed by a programmer who has over 100,000 miles at sea sailing and navigating in small boats, who is a sailor that uses this software month in and month out, for sailing both coastal and offshore miles. It is computer navigation software that's easy to use in the difficult environment of sailing and navigating a small boat. And it is complete. Navigation software that gives a sailor the real information they need, not a lot of worthless bells and whistles.

Nimble Navigator - Navigation Software that keeps the navigation easy, so that the challenge is the sailing.