Something Like Features

Dictionary entry from Nimble: Quick, light, or agile in movement or action;

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say on this page. So I looked at some of the websites for the features of other navigation software and got quite an education.

First, this is not a comparison between multiple Nimble Navigator products. There is and always will be only the complete Nimble Navigator. You won't have to spend more money later on to buy some upgraded model to do what you want. And downloaded updates to new versions are free.

What Nimble Navigator does...

  • Chart work: moving - zooming - measuring - locating - routing - planning - tracking - logging - tides - chart printing - alarms

  • AIS: targets on the charts - collision avoidance tools - CPA collision alarms - target info listings - display of both class A and B AIS targets - emergency messages

  • GRIBs: display on the charts - step and animation - GRIB based interactive weather routing

  • GPS and AIS: NMEA connections - send routes and waypoints to compatible GPS's - sound card connections to NASA's AIS Radar

What Nimble Navigator does not do (without many apologies)...

  • I don't build worthless bells and whistles into Nimble. All that would just slow it down and make it more difficult to use. From looking at the competitors websites, I noticed the neat little videos and other fluff that loaded up, and how long it took to load. And the confusing displays. I've seen their software too. The kitchen sink belongs in the galley, not in your software.

  • No underwater 3D displays. Unless I'm out snorkeling, I really don't want that underwater perspective view. Not unless my next boat is a submarine.

  • No databases to remind you of the next oil change or the locker location of your extra set of oar locks. This is navigation software.

  • No Polars. The wind and weather conditions don't seem to pay much attention to computer sailing simulations, so I guess my sailing shouldn't either.

  • No black-box radar support. Radar is no advance on AIS and accurate computer charting. Using it for navigation or collision avoidance is going the way of the sextant.

  • Maybe most important, it doesn't confuse the hell out of folks. No under-graduate studies in either navigation or computer software are required to use Nimble Navigator.